Facial analog inputs

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Facial analog inputs

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Today i got really excited about playing Rocket League despite my hand injury using my face. I quickly discovered it is impossible to do because no matter which facial expression my use, the most precise turn I can make in my arcadey car is about 60° so I can't hit the ball even if it is standing still.

I really wish I could fully utilize the potential KinesicMouse has for analog inputs. This game and many others would become playable with face only if I could turn my head slightly to turn the car slightly and turn much to turn the car much.

I know this is quite busy and native support for Xbox 360 controllers could be quite far down the line. That's why I'm asking here: can anyone figure out how to emulate the analog input using a third-party solution, perhaps like the one linked below?


It's way over my head but there could be some people smarter than me who can figure it out without that much work. All I really need is one axis, the horizontal one to correspond to the rotations of my head

Any hints are appreciated!

EDIT: howwwlley shieet I made it work :D took me a while. Want videotutorial?
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Re: Facial analog inputs

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Would be great to see how it works. I am still busy in NY, I will be back in my office soon. Excited to see the setup!
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