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KinesicMouse Live Specifications

Posted: Sat May 07, 2022 10:38 am
by tetedetoile

I'm thrilled that my favorite software got a new life ! However, I'm wondering how this new version is about.

Is there a video or a simple tutorial that explains how this new version works ?

I think I understood that the Iphone is replacing the Kinect camera, but how does it interact with the computer ? Which connection ? USB, Blutooth ? Is there not too much latency ?

What is the maximum distance between the face and the phone for a good recognition ?

Anyway, I'm glad you're still taking care of this wonderfull software !

Re: KinesicMouse Live Specifications

Posted: Sat May 07, 2022 5:32 pm
by Xcessity
Hello tetedetoile,

yes, the LIVE version now works using the iPhone or iPad as "3D sensor". The facial tracking is completely done on your iOS device and does not take any resources from your PC.

The KinesicMouse LIVE is connected via network connection (WLAN and/or cable). I think it is also possible using the USB cable, haven't tried that yet. In terms of latency you won't notice any difference. I think it is beneficial to have the 60fps over the 30fps from the previous sensors.

The distance for good tracking is a little bit longer than an arms length. In terms of minimum distance you can get it much closer to your face than the previous cameras. That will help picking up a lot more details from your face.

Videos will follow soon. First I will finish up the website and then put together my recording setup again.

If you have an old 3.x version running, I think there is not much benefit right now. I will add new features in the future, but for now functionality is about the same. Maybe the LIVE version is a little more portable, since it is easier to carry a phone than a bulky 3D camera.

Hope that answers your questions,


Re: KinesicMouse Live Specifications

Posted: Tue May 10, 2022 4:03 pm
by tetedetoile
Thanks for your answers !

In fact, I was fully pleased with my setup, but my Kinect died on me recently. It was the fourth one and it's more and more difficult to find one entierly fonctionnal.

Unfortunately, I'm quite an Android user, but I'm ready to get an Iphone rather than buy another used Kinect on Amazon !

If you tell me that KinesicMouse Live is fully operationnal right now, I think It's worth the shot.

Re: KinesicMouse Live Specifications

Posted: Mon May 16, 2022 5:16 pm
by Xcessity
Software runs perfectly fine.
Maybe you can get a used iPhone X for cheap. You can use that as a dedicated sensor for the KinesicMouse. There is not much of a price difference any more.


Re: KinesicMouse Live Specifications

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2022 12:25 am
by Ikonos
I'm glad to see this program getting new life as well. Is there any plans to bring this to android at all? I've never been a big fan of Apple phones and I don't want to have to spend money on a phone just for this. It would be awesome if there was a way that Kinesic mouse could control your phone.