Macro to shake the mouse for 2sec

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Macro to shake the mouse for 2sec

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I got a request from a user that I want to answer in the forums:
Can you advise a macro to shake the mouse? Left and right? for 2 seconds?
Here is a macro that does just that:

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<MACRO id="ShakeMouse">
    <MOUSEMOVEINPUT x="-50" y="0" behaviour="RELATIVE"/>
  <MAIN repeat="5">
    <MOUSEMOVEINPUT x="100" y="0" behaviour="RELATIVE"/>
    <WAIT time="200"/>
    <MOUSEMOVEINPUT x="-100" y="0" behaviour="RELATIVE"/>
    <WAIT time="200"/>
    <MOUSEMOVEINPUT x="50" y="0" behaviour="RELATIVE"/>

I am not quite sure if that solves your problem as I don't know what problem you are trying to solve.

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