Considerable difficulties; nonexistent support.

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Considerable difficulties; nonexistent support.

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Many of the difficulties I mentioned in my earlier post on this forum continue. I am having a hard time getting the camera to stay locked onto my face. Also, Kinesic continues to click when I do not want it to click, and I am having a hard time figuring out why. I have been playing around a lot with the "signals" section, and adjusting the settings, but I cannot get it to stop clicking randomly. This is all of course on top of the general drawbacks of head tracking mouse systems, namely that they tend to not be very accurate, and to put strain on the neck.

But what I find most upsetting is that my previous posts--as well as two emails--requesting assistance with these issues have all been completely ignored. This is in stark contrast to an email I sent before I purchased the software, inquiring about some of its features. That earlier pre-purchase email was answered within a day or 2. To put it mildly, responding to sales emails, but not to support emails, is not a good look.

I became interested in this product because of disability issues, and I am active on a couple of forums related to assistive technology. I haven't yet written a review of the Kinesic Mouse, mostly because I was putting it off in the hopes that I could both get it working better and that someone would respond to my request for help. But I am rapidly starting to wish that I had bought a different product, and if I cannot get this thing to function at even a minimal level soon, I may start advising other folks to look at different options.
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Re: Considerable difficulties; nonexistent support.

Post by Xcessity »

Please send me an e-mail via the KinesicMouse Website form and request a refund. Please include the email adress you used for making your paypal payment.
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