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New user having trouble

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:45 am
by JBEKM2014

I purchased the kinesic mouse on Saturday. As you may or may not guess, I became interested in the technology because of fairly severe physical limitations. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time getting it to work right.

1. The camera frequently loses my face (meaning that the little green smiley turns to a red frown). When the camera picks up my face again, the mouse has often darted to a completely different part of the screen. This messes up the calibration. For example, the mouse may appear on the far right of the screen, even though I am basically looking at the middle of the screen. This means that now, in order to move the cursor back to the left side of the screen, I have to move my face extremely far to the left. This is problematic for me because of damage to my cervical spine. I tried adjusting the height, angle, and distance of the camera, changing the lighting, and switching to infrared, but nothing helped.

2. Even when the camera is picking up my face and the cursor is tracking, it is too wobbly. I am finding it extremely difficult to get it to click on even moderately sized buttons on the screen.

3. The software frequently just starts clicking over and over again, several clicks per second, and I can't figure out why. I have set the left click button to be mouth smile (left). Yet even when I am projecting a stone cold neutral face, the software keeps clicking. I changed the threshold setting for the mouth smile left signal, but that did not stop the rapid fire clicking.

Can you assist me with any of these problems? I had been quite excited to try out this new software, because I have a very hard time using conventional computer inputs, but at the moment the program is not really functional for me.