How to Use Iris with any Gaming Console

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How to Use Iris with any Gaming Console

Post by coxx16 »

Ok, So when I first purchased the Eyex and Project Iris; I did so with the initial intent of eventually connecting my Eyex with my Xbox.

I was actually able to do this by passing the mouse output created by Iris to the Cronusmax. The Cronusmax software function called X-aim would then then pass the mouse movement information to the Xbox and created emulated controller movements. In this way I was able to move characters around in game according to my gaze.

Before I go any further, allow me to describe my setup:

Monitor 1:

Multi input Monitor -

Hdmi 1 = Xbox

Hdmi 2 = PC


Monitor 2:

Hdmi 1 = PC (This is the main PC screen)


Software Installed on PC:

Cronus Pro (the Cronus Max Software, X-aim is an included function)

Tobii Eyex Drivers

Project Iris

PC Screen Setup:

Project Iris and Cronus Pro is open on Monitor 2.

I created a full screen FPS view interactor on monitor 1 and made sure that the center aligns with the crosshair of the FPS game I am playing.

Note: In order to mark the position of the crosshair in game, I simply placed a piece of tape on the crosshair and switched the active input on monitor 1 back to the PC. Once the input is switched to the pc, I then align the interactor with the piece of tape. In retrospect, a quick shot decal would have been a better option.

Once I am ready to play, I switch the input back to the Xbox and stare directly at the crosshair in game and activate the interactor via the assigned quick key (Q for my setup).

Note: Staring at the center of the screen (essentially the center of the interactor) minimized the movement of the cursor. You will need to use the mouse cursor to activate X-aim.

Once the interactor is activated, I move the mouse cursor to monitor 2 and activate the capture button on X-aim. Now all keyboard and mouse inputs will be captured by the Cronusmax device.

At this point when you look at monitor 1 again, your character will begin to aim in accordance with your gaze. This is where the problems begin.

Basically, or some reason, no matter what settings I use in either the Cronusmax software or Iris, the in game movement is not accurate or smooth.

I know that Markus is a super busy guy, but it would be awesome if he could work on bridging the gap between the Eyex and the Xbox via the Cronus Max. Also, if any of you guys are able to attempt this setup, maybe we could figure out some optimal settings that would make the experience similar to what we see on the pc.

Also, I will attempt to make a video that will better describe what I am doing here.
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Re: How to Use Iris with any Gaming Console

Post by rick »

Hi coxx16, For the last 2 weeks I have been trying the same thing except on a ps4 and I purchased the 4C, I'm a quadriplegic and I use a to play on a ps4, Fred Davison the creator of the quadstick experimented with all the same software and hardware. I pretty much got it to where you are now, working but not smooth or accurate, I was thinking maybe my setup was the cause of gaze problems, I use a laptop as my 2nd monitor but my laptop only has vga out to my monitor and the hdmi to the ps4, but after reading your post I think its software related, please let me know what you think, with you me Fred & hopefully Markus we can get it working smooth. If you can post a youtube video that would be great....Thanks
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