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Post by Zathras »

Any idea when we might see an update for Project Iris?

This feature(viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1041) alone would be of great help to me. This one viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1042 even more so.
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Re: Update?

Post by Xcessity »


just got my Tobii 4C eye tracker. W'll see if IRIS can be made compatible with this new device.
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Re: Update?

Post by Harro »

If it works could so something like this be implemented where iris acts like a head tracking mouse but when you try and move long distances it uses eye tracking information to quickly move the cursor to where you are looking.

Greeting Harro.
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Re: Update?

Post by blackx777@gmail.com »

Can you delede my Account?
I've accidentally mixed up E-Mail with Username.
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Re: Update?

Post by rick »

Markus sent me this email on the 28th
The current version of IRIS is already compatible with the tobii 4C. I just got a chance to test it.

I tested it today and it works, I will test fps mode later, Thank You Markus!
blackx777@gmail.com wrote:
Xcessity wrote:Hi,

just got my Tobii 4C eye tracker. W'll see if IRIS can be made compatible with this new device.
Hello Mark,

if you need a beta tester, I have also got the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C Gaming.
I have no concerns to pay for an early acess version.
My mother language is German.
I have programming experience with BASIC on the C64 :D

Happy Holiday


PS: Can you change my Username? I've accidentally used the E-Mail address.
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