Kinect motherboard compatibility

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Kinect motherboard compatibility

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i googled it a lot but ppl rarely mention which motherboards they use with kinect v2 i know maybe all intel usb hubs,ports works but i need be sure so im asking which z170 and z97 motherboards works with kinect v2 or kinesicmouse pls say brand and model and yes some ppl say but no one for a gaming pc mostly

thanks for your answers
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Re: Kinect motherboard compatibility

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it is hard to tell whether the motherboard is compatible or not. It highly depends on the USB chipset. I would look for a compatible USB 3.0 PCI extension card. Those are rather cheap and are confirmed to be working with the Kinect V2. It is also beneficial to have a dedicated USB chip just for the 3D camera, as other USB 3.0 devices may not get enough bandwidth if combined with a 3D camera.

See this MSDN thread for more information on Kinect V2 compatible USB PCI extension cards.
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