Moving mouse to set coordinates

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Moving mouse to set coordinates

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I noticed that one of the macros can move the mouse relative to the current position of the cursor. What would be the correct syntax to use to teleport the mouse to a set position? I can grab the coordinates using voice attack, it should be the same coordinate grid because I think it's based on the resolution of the screen

And by the way, I just figured out the pulsating keypress, thanks for the tips :-)

Edit: after writing this I immediately thought of a solution. I can program a macro that teleports the cursor in voice attack and use Iris to trigger that voice attack macro with a key combination. Still, would be cool to have a unified solution in a single program :-)
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Re: Moving mouse to set coordinates

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I moved this posting to the macros forum as it also applies to the KinesicMouse macros.

The syntax for positioning the cursor at a fixed location is quite similar to the relative one. Just exchange "RELATIVE" with "ABSOLUTE".

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<MOUSEMOVEINPUT behaviour="ABSOLUTE" x="100" y="200"/>
x = horizontal coordinate
y = vertical cordinate

The coordinates x,y are the virtual screen coordinates. So in case you only use one screen the origin (0,0) is the top left corner. In case of a full HD resolution the bottom right corner is x=1920, y=1080.

If you use multiple screens the origin (0,0) is the top left corner of the most left screen. Depending on your screen setup the bottom right corner is the sum of all screen widths and the height of the biggest screen. Eg. if you use two full HD screens side by side the bottom right corner is x=3840, y=1080.
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