IRIS compatibility with Tobii PCeye explore

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IRIS compatibility with Tobii PCeye explore

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I like your software very much!
I want to ask for the compatibility with the "official" Tobii eye tracker Tobii PCeye explore.
I think it's the same hardware, so I think it should work, right?
However, it's not completely the same, as the software that comes with the eye tracker does not work with the Tobii eyeX.
I tried that. I was able to test the official version for a few days recently. I think it must be some kind of protection.
Any experiences?

I ask because I plan to buy the official version, however, I would like to be able to switch between your software and the official software.
I want the official version, because I need the zoom mode! As well as the ability to use time triggered mouse clicks.
However, I like using your software also, because it works for me to directly control the mouse position with it very quickly!
For some reason, I wasn't able to use this mode of mouse control with the official version. There was way too much jitter in the mouse movement.

In that regard:
Using your software, in the advanced settings, I turned the steadiness of the smoothing filter to 100%, and saccade detection to about 50%.
And even then, I would like to turn steadiness even more up! Mouse movements are still very fast and even while fixating a certain point on the screen, the mouse pointer still wobbles around a bit.
Is it possible to further increase this setting?
Any ideas why I have this problem? I don't think, or at least I don't believe that my eyes this unsteady.

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