KinesicMouse with Android/no iPhone

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KinesicMouse with Android/no iPhone

Post by benedikt »


I first had tried Iris and it works fantastically. Then I wanted to also try KinesicMouse however I have no iPhone. There were other posts asking for an android version.
So after searching the internet i found a few alternatives:
  • Face Mocap.
    Though my phone wasn't compatible. You will need arcore. Here is a list of compatible phones.
  • MeFaMo
    This one uses any webcam even an internal. Although you have to build it yourself with Python.
    I tried it and its working. Maybe not as great as with FaceId but not bad.
    I will give installation instruction for those not familar with programming.
  • Download python Open it.
    Make sure you check add python 3.10 to Path. Click customize install. Check pip. Then next. Check Add Python to enviroment variables. Then install
  • Go to .
  • Click on the green button labeled code then download zip.
  • Extract the folder then go to ...\Downloads\MeFaMo-main\. hold Shift then right click the only folder.
    An option open with powershell appears. Click it. Write or copy&paste python install. Enter. Wait until it finishes.
  • write python --ip "your computers ip". Enter. The webcam should activate. Then the smiley in KinesicMouse turns green
I hope it helps someone.
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Re: KinesicMouse with Android/no iPhone

Post by Xcessity »

Hello Benedikt,

thank you for the suggestions. I have tried all Android alternatives and various face tracking packages based on webcam. There is nothing that comes even close to the accuracy and amount of signals as the Apple FaceID. It has the benefit of adding 3D depth data to the face tracking features which others don't have. I don't say that because I am a big fan of Apple, they just bought the company (former faceshift) that had the best face tracking on the market.

I know there are many people using Android and my suggestion is to just get a used iPhone X. You can even get one with a broken screen/back for around 50 USD. Just treat the phone as a dedicated 3D camera. They are cheaper now than the former 3D cameras (Kinect, Realsense or Orbbec) and also offload the processing from your PC to the phone. In this scenario you don't need a mobile plan or sim card either and you have your usual mobile phone ready for other stuff.

Just my opinion on this topic, maybe I am biased, as I am the developer of the software ;)

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