Shooter - IRIS aim?

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Shooter - IRIS aim?

Post by WheelyWorld »

is it possible to use IRIS for aiming in Shootern like COD MW2, Valorant, ...? I tried setting it up with FPS View and as Cursor movement with nearly every sensitivity but unfortunately I didn't get to bring it up on a "useful" level. I'm using Tobii Eye 5 on Windows 11.
Thanks for and ideas/help.
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Re: Shooter - IRIS aim?

Post by Xcessity »

Hello WheelyWorld,

these shooters are very ambitious in terms of accuracy. I don't think you can get the aim precise enough to aim. I think IRIS FPS view can give you support in directing the camera in the right direction, but not for aiming. Maybe you can find something like a joystick, or the KinesicMouse to combine it with.

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