Editing of interactors could be easier

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Editing of interactors could be easier

Post by TobiX » Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:34 pm


everytime i want to edit interactors there is something that could be easier. When i create an interactor, i place it somewhere and i lock it. When i copy it, i have to unlock it before i can move it. Sometimes i have several locked interactors i want to move and i have to unlock everyone for itself.

My idea is to make it possible to lock and unlock all interactors at once. This could be possible with an lock/unlock all button. Or how about unlocking all interactors when the settings window is opened? And i think that interactors with a full opacity that are completely invisible should be shown then. Maybe by giving them a border.

When closing the settings window, the interactors should return to its previous state. Locked interactors are locked and invisible ones are invisible again :)

Another thought is that i would like to have a snap-to-grid option for the interactors. That when i move or resize them, it happens with the step of 5 for example. Maybe a bit crazy, but i like things looking nice :)

All in all more possiblities to edit more than one interactors could make the software much easier to use i think.

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Re: Editing of interactors could be easier

Post by Xcessity » Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:17 am

Hey Tobi,

thank you for the suggestions. I can relate to all of them. Currently I am focusing on the new KinesicMouse build. With IRIS I will continue after that.

The grid thing has been requested quite a few times now. Overall I will think about the complete design of IRIS. It evolved a lot since 1.0 and needs a more scaleable design. The forum is a good place to collect all the ideas for the next version.

Thank you again. I appreaciate the time you take to give feedback that is of incredible value to me!

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