Eyex/IRIS *and* Track IR.

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Eyex/IRIS *and* Track IR.

Post by OrLoK » Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:37 pm

Hello there

My Eyex is on the way and I was very excited to encounter this software.

My question is, I wish to use Track IR for head movement and IRIS to trigger events like reloading etc in Bohemia Interactive's FPS games.

I've been a moderator for the Official DAYZ Forums and Steam Forums for several years and have good links with the dev team, so obviously I'd like to see how they perform in conjunction with each other in DAYZ and ARMA3.

Im specifically interested in the compatibility of the two peripherals to work as separate controllers for different tasks.

Secondly, I'd also be ken to see how they function as a pair in flight sims. Again, Track IR for head movement and IRIS for secondary/cockpit controls/target acquisition.

Can anyone see/envisage any issue in this endeavour?


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Re: Eyex/IRIS *and* Track IR.

Post by MikkoK » Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:52 pm

I have both of them and use them at the same time, but there might be problems when your body reflects some Eyex emitted infrared back to TrackIR (TrackIR sees too many and fake tracking points). I resolved the issue by setting TrackIr angle so that the TrackIR sees only TrackClip and not my body that reflects the infrared.
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