Key Press Commands

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Key Press Commands

Post by Xcessity » Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:54 pm


got this request from a user, I want to share the conversation in the forums:
"it's lacking proper keyboard button press commands.
it has keypress. It needs key held, key release. I tested out all the commands
Would like it to push a button when I look off of the screen. The section I'm looking at should stop being green if I suddenly look off of the screen."

I am not really sure how to interpret your request, but I will try my best.

It is already possible to place interactors out of the screen boundaries. They easiest way to do this is by entering the screen placement coordinates manually. Click the "Edit" button for your interactor->switch to appearence tab->enter a value for the X and Y coordinates. I would recommend to first make a few placement tests within the screen region and then you get a pretty good feeling how these values work.

Here is the part where I am not quite sure. "It needs key held, key release". I think the function you are looking for is called "toggle". Go to your Interactor settings->switch to Action tab->choose Action type: Key->chosse Key action: toggle. When you look at your interactor the key will be pressed down. You can now look anywhere else and the key will remain held down (indicated by a small triangle in the upper corner). If you activate the interactor again by looking at it, the key will be released.

Hope this somehow answers your questions,

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