Interactor activation key problem - Alternate solutions

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Interactor activation key problem - Alternate solutions

Post by TobiX » Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:29 pm

When i use an activation key for interactors, it is pressed together with the defined key in the interactor. This causes problems sometimes. And i have ideas how to solve it.

How about ...

- the possiblity to define Joystick buttons (or digital-pad / any Joystick function) for activation
- an option to press the assigned key to an interactor after the activation key was released (in press once mode)

This is something i would love to have solved. It is a little bug in a certain situation:
A good choice for an activation key is the scroll lock key but for some reason it behaves strange when using it with CTRL. In this case, the CTRL key is being pressed even after releasing this activation key. And every interactor is being activated by just looking at it (it ignores the activation key!).


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