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My Experience with KM!

Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:24 pm
by cgamer
Hi to everyone! i'm a tetraplegic gamer and i'm here for say something about my experience with this fabulous software!

I use this program especially for shooters or action games, all those games where you need to press more keys simultaneously. What I like most about this program is freedom of configuration, there are so many facial expressions that can be assigned to keys / actions. I'm currently using awsd and space / jump, in the specific mouth smile left and right for A and D; Rotation up and down for W and S; Brows up for space / jump. I still need to configure the program to perfection, but I think once I finish I will have the chance to play almost every game. I recommend this program to all people with disabilities that are not very serious. I recommend this program in combination with project iris to those people with more severe disabilities. In the future I would also buy iris, but I will wait at the moment. Moreover, money does not grow on the trees. I conclude by thanking the programmers for these programs, they made video gaming fun easier for anyone! See you soon!