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KinesicMouse Intel RealSense - Hotfix

Post by Xcessity » Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:58 pm


I just uploaded a hotfix build for the Intel RealSense KinesicMouse. It should fix a problem where the camera would restart repeatedly. The problem seems to be caused by the Intel drivers. I already made a posting on the Intel forums about the issue. For now it is not possible to run the camera with more than 30fps in color mode. Maybe Intel has a solution for this soon.

Fix changes:
- the KinesicMouse will auto-start correctly although the Intel DCM service is not yet running
- the KinesicMouse will continue working after waking up the system from sleep mode
- the Intel DCM check has been changed to check the registry and not via a local network connection
- no 60 fps maximum possible in color tracking mode as this may cause the camera to restart repeatedly

So to install the update, just redownload the Intel RealSense version of the KinesicMouse.

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